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Come out and join Odin’s Warrior Tribe on 22 June 2024, for the second Viking Day for Veterans of the summer this one during our Midsummer Gathering at Viking Camp.  We will be rowing and sailing on two Viking boats and host other Viking activities to include archery, axe throwing, Kubb, and limited Viking combat introduction.  At the end of the day there will be a feast provided and campfire and we will share beer and mead and we will sing Sea Shanties.  Around the fire we will be with fellow active and veteran military, law enforcement and first responders  “who have been there.”  For a select few (the first six approved) we will offer after the day a chance to join us for a Blot in Odin's Ve and Chieftain's Sumbl.  Those spaces are limited and subject to approval.  This special Viking Day will take place in Maryland on the Potomac River close to Chesapeake Bay.


The event will start at 1030 am and end around 6:30pm for those that come for the day and dinner.  There will be water, sodas, chips, a fruit during the day then dinner provided.  For those that stay for Blot and Sumbl it will end around 9pm (2100 hours) on June 22.  There will be a chance to jump the Midsummer fire.  This event is for active and veteran military and law enforcement and first responders.  It is not necessary, or required, to be Heathen to attend. If you are Heathen and interested in possibly applying to join Odin’s Warrior Tribe, this is a great chance to meet some of the Tribe who will be your hosts for the day and we recommend you sign up for Blot and Sumbl.  You can wear regular summer clothes or come dressed like a Viking.


This is part of our charitable program to provide active and unique positive experiences that inspire military veterans. Participants will be required to sign a waiver.  You can take photos during the day; however no photography of Blot and Sumbl except you may have photos taken of yourself.  To sign up requires a donation of $10, which is really to encourage you to show up.  Tribe members and prospects who have already applied please register internally not with this link. 


Those who sign up will receive a confirmation email and be given details and for trip planning purposes use Leonardtown, MD. Tips on what to wear/bring will be provided. You must be 21 years old to attend and attendees may request to bring their spouse. Coffee, snacks, water, and dinner provided.  As always per Tribe policy, possession of illegal drugs and the use of them are banned from all of our events.  No firearms unless you are a sworn federal or State law enforcement officer.  Odin's Warrior Tribe reserves the right to exclude any persons who for some reason could pose a threat to the group and day and in which case the donation would be refunded.  


PLEASE USE THE REGISTRATION FORM IN THE STORE.  If for some reason you don't see it or it doesn't work for you we need the following info sent to our email:  Name, date of birth or age, phone number, email and amiling address, military, LEO, or first responder affiliation, whether you are coming just for the day or would like to stay for Blot and Sumbl, and any disability we need to know about related to activities.  If you do not specify these in an email or on the registration form you will be asked.  Those who wish to stay for Blot In Odin's Ve and Chieftain's Sumbl will be contacted and this is subject to approval and understanding of what is allowed in our Tribe customs and tradItions.  There is only the $10 donation for this event no other charge. You will be asked to sign a waiver. Non and weak swimmers will be required to wear a life jacket while on the Viking boats.



Viking Day 22 June Midsummer

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