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I purchased the Fjällräven Abisko Lite Trekking Jacket in Dark Grey-Black before a late summer 2021 trip to Iceland where I met up with members and friends and visited various Saga sites. The jacket is constructed from Fjällräven G-1000 Lite Eco fabric, which is 65% polyester, 35% cotton. To make it water resistant and more wind resistant, I used Fjällräven’s Greenland wax, which I rubbed on the jacket then used a hair dryer on the hot setting to melt the wax and impregnate the fabric. It you have ever had a Barbour jacket, or another waxed cotton jacket it is the same process, though Barbour’s come pre waxed. Fjällräven is a Swedish company; however, the jacket was made in Vietnam. Quality is excellent. The Abisko Lite Trekking Jacket is a summer rain and wind jacket with some flexibility. While it is optimum for summer with a layer or two it also works in the Spring and Fall. It is extremely comfortable and offers a wide range of movement with the side and back stretch panels. There are also ventilation zippers. It has a functional hood and hand pockets. It worked well in Iceland and in the Atlantic Coastal rains.

Price as tested $235.00

Available from

Available in Patina Green- Dark Grey

Dark Grey -Black (shown)

Ember Orange-Grey

Light Olive

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