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Our Gislinge type late Viking age boat had its public launch on 3 June 2023 in front of a large crowd of about 150 people who cheered the launch on at the Bradley and Waters Marine Railway in Branford, Connecticut. Our shipwrights of Leetes Island Boatworks spoke at the ceremony then turned it over to the Chieftain who told the story of how the idea to build a boat came about and how the Tribe will use it help military veterans by providing a day out sailing. The Chieftain blessed the Sae Ulfr with the Tribe's hammer, formally named the boat, and called on the Gods and Goddesses of the Sea to protect it and all who sail on it.

The launch was accompanied by a cannon shot and then the building team rowed the Sae Ulfr to a nearby park for a launch party with raw oysters and a keg of local Stony Creek Beer.

Representatives of Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum were on hand and local NPR radio station interviewed the Shipwrights and the Chieftain. Mystic Seaport Museum has been a huge supporter of the project. Many in the crowd came up and shook the hand of the Chieftain and some gave hugs telling stories of their military service, of loved ones, and how appreciative they are for our charitable mission.

What a great day for the Tribe in Connecticut and starting next week the Sae Ulfr will be based at our Viking Camp and begin to prowl the waters near the Chesapeake Bay. Be on the lookout for information on sailings for active and veteran military, law enforcement, and first responders.

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