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On 9 September 2023, we will offer world-class Glima (the Viking grappling system) training in Martinsburg, West Virginia!  Training priority will be for active and veteran military with other slots to be opened later if those are not filled.  This is one of our charitable programs for active and veteran military.  There is a token donation of $20 to sign up. 


Odin’s Warrior Tribe is partnering with the Icelandic Glima Federation (Glímusamband Íslands), Hurstwic, and Nine Realms MMA in Martinsburg, West Virginia to bring authentic Icelandic Glima to the US in September 2023.  There will be an all-day hands-on training event on 9 September including a talk on the history/role of Glima “The Fighting Method of the Vikings” as our friends at Hurstwic describe it. 


The Team from Iceland includes the current Glima King, champion and holder of the Grettir Belt (named in honor of Grettir Ásmundarson of Saga fame), Einar Eyþórsson, Jana Lind Ellertsdóttir, the former Glima Queen (female champion), and Guðmundur Stefán Gunnarsson the Vice President of the Glima Federation.  From Hurstwic will be Dr. William Short and Reynir Oskarson, himself a Glima fighter, who are friends and Viking age experts and coauthors of “Men of Terror,” which in our opinion is the best book on Viking Age combat. 


Nine Realms MMA is a fantastic martial arts studio in Martinsburg, West Virginia where Odin’s Warrior Tribe has held events in the past to include Muay Thai.  The ownership team Josh and Melissa are first class instructors, coaches, and competitors.  They are great friends.  Nine Realms also offers fighter-based workouts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, and other MMA.


Training starts at 9am (0900 hours) on 9 September and will end at 5pm (1700 hours).  Arrive NLT 0830am.  There will be water, coffee, a light lunch, and BBQ dinner at the end of training provided free.


You need to be prepared for an all-day intensive training activity and will be required to sign a waiver.  Long athletic pants, tee shirts, and tennis shoes required – though we will probably end up training bare foot.


The intent of the training is to offer this once in a lifetime experience to active and veteran military and other martial arts/Viking age enthusiasts and incorporate Glima into Odin’s Warrior Tribe’s Viking Combat program.  In the process we will create a training cadre between the Tribe and Nine Realms to carry this forward for Tribe use.  FITNESS – it is a Tribe virtue.


There is a donation of $20 requested so that you have more incentive to attend.  The actual value of the training is several hundred dollars.  Again, you must be active or veteran military to sign up with this link and then any unclaimed slots will be opened to law enforcement, first responders, and possibly some  martial arts enthusiasts.


In your response you need to specify your military service and dates of service.   You will receive a confirmation email with additional details.  Arrive around 0830am.


One photo courtesy of Hurstwic.  


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