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Our new Tribe 2024 Hoodie of 12 ounce 80/20 cotton/poly in black features the Great Viking Army design on the front with the prow of a Viking longship under sail and parting the waves stylized as serpents.  The right arm has a Viking sword with Tribe bindrune.  The back features a two color Tribe/Society of Gungnir Coat of Arms.  Our Old Norse motto OK NEFNA TYSVAR TY is in Elder Futhark runes. 


Our Tribe 2024 Hoodie has a front pouch pocket, knit cuffs and hem, and black dyed drawcords.


Funds from the sale of the hoodie will be used solely by our 501c3 nonprofit Norse/Germanic Heathen Religious organization. The Tribe is composed of active duty and veteran military, law enforcement, first responders, and a few exceptional distinguished heathens with a warrior mindset. We conduct adventurous activities, events, and gatherings for the benefit of active and veteran military (not just those of our heathen faith) to remind them "once a warrior always a warrior."

Tribe 2024 Hoodie (Hooded Sweatshirt)

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