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Baldr is more than handsome - he is the most beautiful of the Gods to behold. He is wise, fair, and he is radiant like the sun. He is killed through the wickedness of Loki who tricks Hod - Baldr's blind brother to shoot a mistletoe dart at Baldr. Frigg in her efforts to protect Baldr from all harm had taken oaths from all living things that they would not harm her son; however, she had not taken one from the mistletoe plant. This conniving of Loki starts the chain of events leading to Ragnarök. Not all the Gods will die in that Battle, some will survive, and Baldr will rise from Hel after Ragnarök and dwell with his forgiven brother Hod.

"He is the wisest of the Æsir, and the fairest spoken and most gracious; and that quality attends him, that none may gainsay his judgments. He dwells in the place called Breidablik, which is in heaven; in that place may nothing unclean be, even as is said here:

Breidablik it is called, where Baldr has a hall made for himself: In that land where I know lie fewest baneful runes."

The Prose Edda

"Then fields unsowed bear ripened fruit,

All ills grow better, and Baldr comes back;

Baldr and Hod dwell in Hropt's battle-hall,

And the mighty gods: would you know yet more?"

The Poetic Edda

n.b. Hroptr is one of Odin's many names and his battle hall would be Valhalla. The name Hroptr means sage as in wise.

Baldr by James Reich ca 1900

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