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The Noble Order of Tyr is an order that confers membership and is awarded in four classes for both heroic and meritorious acts.  They are Bronze, Silver, Silver with Silver Oakleaves, and Silver with Golden Oakleaves.   All classes of the Noble Order of Tyr may be awarded to Members of the Tribe as well as to The Society of Gungnir.  Friends of the Tribe may be inducted into the Noble Order of Tyr and awarded the Bronze class and Members of Allied Heathen Kindreds or Communities may be awarded up to the Silver class.  The Noble Order of Tyr is awarded sequentially in the Germanic tradition for acts of merit and/or heroism.  The medal of The Noble Order of Tyr depicts Tyr placing his hand in Fenris Wolf’s jaws during the binding of the Wolf.  It is inscribed with the Tiwaz rune and says Fenris Wolf and Tyr in Old Norse runes.   The Noble Order of Tyr is worn around the neck suspended by a ribbon of green, white, and black.  These are the colors of Odin’s Warrior Tribe.  Each class of the Noble Order of Tyr comes with a Norse Title.   


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