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Odin's Warrior Tribe is a Virginia non-stock company formed for religious, educational, and charitable purposes and we are an IRS 501c3 recognized charity.  We are a registered charity in the State of Virginia and are allowed to conduct charitable activities.  

The strategic aim of Odin’s Warrior Tribe and our International Society of Gungnir is to become the World's premier military heathen organization.  Through your generosity we are able to offer special activities and programs to active duty servicemembers and veteran military members.  Our experience is that many veterans miss, and need in civilian life, the camaraderie and warrior spirit of their time in the service.  This approach of welcoming back warrior veterans has been proven effective by ancient tribal cultures and some of these methods are in use by the Veterans Administration.  We as a Tribe can help veterans belong again and reignite their warrior virtues in a positive way through Viking combat, competitive Viking sport activities like Glima and archery as well as other activities fencing, horseback riding, skydiving, and sailing on a Viking ship.  We help warriors reconnect and encourage warrior and success-oriented attitudes. 


We seek to support military heathens and veterans through activities that include:

Participation in Viking combat, related competitive activities, heathen workshops and ritual.  


Athletic activities such as historical fencing, archery, Norse and Germanic wrestling, martial arts, horseback riding, sailing, and potentially skydiving.  

Veterans Book and Film Club.


Museum visits.

Supporting military heathen burials, including advice on heathen burial practices and offering heathen rites by fellow military heathens.  Currently, this is limited to the State of Virginia, but it will expand.

Charitable projects for military veterans in a need of a little help, including potentially some small scholarships for trade skills like blacksmithing.

Military veteran networking activities and events:  Martial arts, historical weapons, and military marches.  Check our events.  We are having a 26-foot Viking ship built by professional wooden boatbuilders (trained at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark) in Connecticut starting in June 2021.  This project will run into the early Spring of 2022.  This Viking boat project replaces the WV ship building project.  Heathens and military veterans will be welcomed to travel to the build location and volunteer and learn real ancestral boat building skills.  More details to come once construction begins.  The Viking boat will be used in our Tribe/veterans' activities.

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