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Updated: Mar 5

According to Grettis Saga, Jarl Earl Eric Hakonsson (Eiríkr Hákonarson), who along with his brother Sveinn, governed most of Norway under the vassalage of Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, outlawed holmgangs and Berserkir, including Ulfhednar and their raiding. This took place after Eric had converted to Christianity.

For close to three years now, we in the Tribe have revived the Berserkir and Ulfhednar warrior paths in a responsible way within our Odinic Shamanic Warrior Cult.

The Odinic Shamanic Warrior Cult is an integral part of our Tribe. It is a rebirth of these ancient and sacred Norse/Germanic heathen warrior traditions of our ancestors - brought forward into today’s world. There are two separate Cults within the overall Cult - they are for Berserkir and Ulfhednar aspirants. There is nothing else like it in heathenry. It is a bold, unique, and demanding experiment and a path of complete life transformation, involving knowledge and warrior skills (both ancient and modern), physical excellence, the spiritual, and temporal.

The Odinic Shamanic Warrior Cult and the two Cult paths within it, are only available to Tribe and Society of Gungnir members. The paths are open to men and women - same standards. Those entering the Cult swear several blood oaths. To earn the title of a Berserkr or Ulfhedinn in our Tribe will require sacrifice, overcoming fear, and steady progression - a path that will take many years. It must be earned, and you will be tested. To demonstrate how comprehensive and detailed this is, only two aspirants are ready for the second level. Odin's Warrior Tribe forms an elite in Norse/Germanic Heathenry and the Odinic Shamanic Warrior Cult takes that even further.

We will not answer questions about the Warrior Cult to outsiders. From time to time, we may offer glimpses. Even our own Tribe and Society of Gungnir members are only given the information necessary to apply for and qualify for basic initiation into the Cult, which itself will take a high-level of physical fitness, outdoor skills, and a fundamental spiritual knowledge of our faith necessary before pursuing these paths. The two Cult paths have four levels of advancement each - culminating with the ritual to become a Berserkr or Ulfhedinn.

The principal leadership in the Tribe's Odinic Shamanic Warrior Cult are all combat veterans. They have helped craft a program that honors the past as well as addresses the present. This initiative has been carefully researched and scholars of Norse Studies have been consulted.

These programs will take years to master. While we are not doing holmgang to the death, we will be practicing holmgang-style combat armed and unarmed to include Glima.

Authentic, well researched Norse/Germanic heathenry – Odin’s Warrior Tribe.

Vertu með ok byrjaðu ferðalagið!

Join us and start the journey!

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