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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

It is time for some truth here about the heathen community. Those Brosatru folks – they are not my siblings, or “bros” and neither are they for anyone in our powerful Norse/Germanic Heathen Warrior Tribe. If you have sworn our oath - you are my brother or sister - we are family. If you have gone downrange to the sandbox where the hearts of purple grow and been with me in the five wars and conflicts that I have fought in, while with the most elite units of the US and UK military and lost friends in battle – you are my brother or sister. And my siblings – one of them departed they are my sisters.

We are a Tribe founded by and led by active and veteran military and composed of the same heathen warrior base and including law enforcement officers, first responders, and their families. A Heathen Warrior Tribe that understands what sacrifice means and what real brotherhood means. In our Tribe we have one pair of true blood brothers – who have sworn the ancient blood brotherhood oath and endured the ceremonies described in the lore and Sagas. There may be more, but that level of commitment is equal to a marriage.

As you look around “Asatru” and Heathenry (our preferred term) today what are your choices as an honorable heathen warrior. Frankly, there are not many choices at all – we are one of them though. We can share frith and friendship, and do with other heathens, and even a few groups, but that does not make them our brothers and sisters.

Out there are large “Asatru” woke and leftist groups in the US looking for your money. They are often Loki-worshiping drama queens – ousting their leaders and destroying their own organizations from within. Other groups have unsustainable beliefs in today’s modern society with their narrow concepts of who can practice heathenry. (We are selective in our Tribe based on a person's deeds, their character, and ability to live by our virtues and values. And, while most of us in the Tribe do come to our faith and Tribe because of our ancestry and history that is a motivation and/or calling not a selection criteria.) Such groups that draw fire can pursue whatever self-destructive path they want, but if you join them, you will end your military or LEO career. Then there are those who pretend to be Norwegian Ulfhednar/Special Forces when they never served a day in the military in their lives. There are those who use fake names and pretend to be non-profits (they are not) and have their own Eddas (that they rewrote) and all contributions for what they sell end up in the pocket of the owner. There are the groups that are so woke they are out of their minds with their silliness and their “Loki days” – we have heard from some poor heathens who had to sit through mandatory classes in these groups on “toxic masculinity.” There are groups who are so inclusive that they are not even sure what they practice – anything goes there – Wicca, other native culture beliefs, Celtic, and once again Loki worshipping - whatever, they have it all. Do not forget the You Tube talking head Gurus looking for your likes and advertising money – there is a reason you never see pictures of their groups or Tribes – that is because there aren’t any – just them and a microphone.

So, while we can be friends, unless you swear our oath, or have fought and bled with us, you are not our brothers and sisters. As a Tribe we help military veterans by doing awesome events like marital arts, Viking boat building and sailing, blacksmithing, Battlefield tours, marching with the National Guard and more – because those military veterans are pretty close to being our brothers and sisters and they deserve our support.

Odin’s Warrior Tribe is a true and authentic Norse/Germanic Heathen Warrior Tribe. When our Tribe brothers and sisters need help whether physical, spiritual, or financial - we will respond immediately. Our Tribe includes our Chieftain/Gothi (the highest military ranking heathen in the US), a third generation heathen German Volva, a bunch of combat veterans, active law enforcement, and we have the resources to help our membership. We are a 501c3 Norse Heathen religious non-profit and a registered charity in Virginia. Our warrior members are carefully screened and vetted and represent the best of heathenry. We are all over the United States and Europe - and we meet and gather. Midsummer 2022 is here and we – the brothers and sisters of the Tribe will gather at our Viking Camp. If you want to join us, we are here.

'Ber er hver ath baki nema ser bróthur eigi.'

'Bare is the back of a brotherless man (or woman).'

Grettir’s Saga















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