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Black premium fitted tank top shirt in 100 percent cotton with our exclusive design showing Berserkr and Ulfhedinn warriors and our Tribe bindrune with Norse knot work on the front. This copyrighted design was created for us in Europe by a heathen artist. On the back is our Tribe/Society of Gungnir Coat of Arts in color. The tank top features a Tribe bindrune hemtag. Our Old Norse motto from the lore is on the back in Elder Futhark runes - OK NEFNA TYSVAR TY!  "And, call twice the name of Tyr! (for victory)." The Berserkir and Ulfhednar were special and powerful warriors dedicated to Odin during the Viking age. Berserkir are associated with the spirit of the bear and Ulfhednar with the spirit of the wolf. Both of these warrior cults have been revived within Odin's Warrior Tribe.  This is your new workout shirt!

Black Berserkr and Ulfhedinn Tribe Cotton Tank Top

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