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The design on our stunning new “Great Viking Army” Tee Shirt shows on the front of the tee the prow of a Viking longship under sail and parting the waves stylized as serpents.  The back of the tee design has crossed Viking tent poles with wolf heads and a Viking sword in the middle.  All the designs come from a Tribe member in Iceland and are copyrighted and licensed for the Tribe’s exclusive use.  The “Great Viking Army” tee shirts are 100 percent cotton.  We have a very few long sizes, and they are a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.  All are unisex sizes. 


Buy this tee and be part of the “Great Viking Army” the modern renaissance of Norse warrior heathenry. Funds from the sale from the tee shirt will be used solely by our 501c3 nonprofit Norse/Germanic Heathen Religious organization. The Tribe is composed of active duty and veteran military, law enforcement, first responders, and a few exceptional distinguished heathens who have a warrior mindset and skills. We conduct adventurous activities, events, and gatherings for the benefit of active and veteran military (not just those of our heathen faith) to remind them "once a warrior always a warrior."


The “Great Viking Army” is coming. Show that you are part of it and wear the tee.



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