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Join us for this unique outing to the Spy Museum in Washington DC on 5 May in the afternoon.  Your guide is a retired and highly decorated senior US Military Officer and JSOC Veteran who served in addition as a CIA Paramilitary Officer in the CIA’s elite Special Activities Center and conducted Covert, Counterterrorist, and Foreign Intelligence Operations over a span of 35 years and in five wars. 


The Spy Museum is located at  700 L'Enfant Plaza, SW Washington DC 20024.  The exact start time will be provided after you register and qualify but it will be in the period 2-4pm (1400-1600 hours) in the afternoon of 5 May. 


The Tribe is paying the entrance fee for five people interested in potentially joining Odin’s Warrior Tribe and who would like to meet and learn more about us.  You MUST be an active or veteran military member, law enforcement, or intelligence community, or first responder (firefighter, rescue, and medical) and a follower of the heathen faith. 


After the tour we will adjourn to a nearby Pub.  We are taking care of the admission, but the beer and chow is no host.   21 years and older for this event.


To join us for this incredible event you must sign up in our store (no charge) for one of the slots AND send an email to and provide us with your full name, dates of military, law or first responder service and details such as service and branch as well as a statement that you are heathen.  If you qualify you will be sent contact instructions for the exact time of the event and where to meet, how to identify us, along with a “parole” a type of password to join the group.


Several Tribe members will be present on the tour and at the Pub Moot to help answer questions.


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