Beautiful and detailed 3 feet x 5 feet tribe flag made from two sided heavy polyester material (not see through) with two grommets.  The flag has the Tribe and Society of Gungnir Coat of Arms correct on each side with our Old Norse motto "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty" in Elder Futhark runes.  The overall significance of the coat of arms is that we are a warrior tribe.  The coat of arms is a round Viking shield and in the upper right corner is the bindrune, in the lower right corner the helm of awe, in the lower left corner the Gar rune (representing Gungnir - Odin's spear) and in the upper left corner is a Raven representing Odin's ravens and also the raven is known to have been used as a Viking symbol. The wolf's head represents Odin's two wolves, as well as the Ulfhednar - Odin's special warriors.  The spear represents Odin's spear and the sword represents Tyr's sword. The Tribe colors are green, black, and white.  We do not stock these flags, but they can be special ordered.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for production and delivery. 

Tribe and Society of Gungnir Flag