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Updated: May 21, 2022

As Norse/Germanic heathens living in Western Societies we see daily that our true ancient culture and heritage have been suppressed and are being replaced by commercialism, technology, and politics that repress/restrict our freedom and are designed not to bring us closer to our Gods, ancestors, and nature, but to get our money, our votes, our likes, and to track and exploit us as consumers. This is unfortunately the age of egalitarianism and globalization. In the face of such rampant consumerism, where technology is a sort of religion of its own for many, we seek a different path – one of rediscovering authenticity and truth through our past. We in the Tribe are an impediment by how we live our own lives to this so-called arc of history that is leading to a global consumer culture led by multi-national corporations that take us into a moral abyss of corruption, decadence, oath breaking, social media manipulation, and wokeness that has reached the point of absurdity. As heathen warriors we need to adjust our course individually, in our families, and as a Tribe to face of such challenges.

Everything that was once true and authentic in Northern European culture is now being attacked by these factions and forces who seek to erase it. It has been attacked for over two thousand years; our native faiths were suppressed by universal ones from the desert that dreamed of the total conversion - the total control. Now the attack is accelerating as new false Gods of globalization, consumerism, technology, and science continue to replace our authentic cultures (s). It sounds like the struggle in Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” doesn’t it?

These so-called liberalizing forces would have you bow down and pray at the temple of the Golden Arches and Science. Our ancient cultures and cultural roots are attacked, either overtly, or cleverly often in subtle ways and people say oh what is wrong with that? But we know it is wrong when our ancient cultures are recast as simply ancient versions of ourselves – which they were not. Or when works of art, literature, and film are created based on extensive research with an authentic feel, yet they too are often vilified by the globalized egalitarians. Such is the case of those critical of “The Northman,” which is arguably the most authentic Viking film ever made.

Western, and now Eastern consumerism because China and Asia are now victims as well, and materialism pervades into modern heathenry. That is especially so in North America. Many heathens and “Asatruar” (a word we generally refrain from using) have a focus on the consumer and aesthetic aspects of heathenry. They worry about their beard - is it the right beard? Clearly none of these types ever served with some of us military veterans in Afghanistan where we saw young men hung by the enemy because they could not grow a beard, or it was not long enough. Or these consumer “Asatruar” who are obsessed with their beard oil, or their tattoos, or having a cool Mjolnir. We in the Tribe wonder sometimes if these types of "consumer heathens" have ever even read the Eddas or they are just absorbing the endless gibberish of “You Tube” gurus looking for followers and advertising money? Clearly, many of these consumer heathens have never been to a Blot or Sumbl. Indeed, there are Gurus who tell them to stay away from blots and do the MUS at home.

“The Gods have returned.” I heard a very well-known and respected European heathen say this and it truly resonated with me. We are here and we need to welcome the Gods back. Heathenry is growing for numerous other reasons whether film, television, books and from many who are leaving the established and organized religions that have dominated and been imposed on the West for over one thousand years. All that said, though I personally believe something else is going on. The Gods have returned, or they are reminding us they have always been here. While a small portion of those leaving these other religious faiths become heathens or pursue some other path, the vast majority either come to believe nothing, and so they have no moral and cultural grounding, or they have begun to pray at the temples of consumerism, at the Golden Arches, or they worship the wizards of Technology and Science, and/or or see the creation of laws as a new form of religion that seeks to control us. Technology was meant to serve us, it can and often does make our lives better, but we are not supposed to serve it much less worship it - Technology is not a God or is it to some?

In our Norse/Germanic faith we seek freedom yet freedom in a Tribal community. Our model is not for everyone that is for sure and by design. We stress freedom, but not individualism. We adhere to the Tribe. While on paper we are a religious non-profit organization and registered charity in reality we are a choice – a lifestyle – a Tribe. As Ernst Junger, the prolific and profound German writer and heroic Infantry Officer of World War I fame, noted that it ultimately comes down to the father who defends the family – not society. It is the father “with axe in hand” who defends the home. Modern forces seek to take that even away from us. We must stand at our own doors axe in hand to protect our families.

The difference between those who worship globalization, science, or some other artificial God (s) have never been clearer. Our Norse/Germanic heathen faith is the very reason for our lives and at the core our lifestyle. Our beliefs begin and end with the Gods, our families, our ancestors, and our Tribe.

Globalization and Universalism emphasizes that we are all the same – created equal, just consumers in the new “Matrix” yet in our faith in our lore – we know we are not. Beware of transhumanism efforts to blend human and digital identity. In our Tribe we form an elite, but not one based on blood but on our character, deeds, and the ability to live by our virtues and values.

We are part of the rebirth of heathenry, but we reject and battle against the forces of decadence, corruption, the destruction of nature, and the replacement of true cultures by the manufactured consumer cultures and manufactured fake holidays to sell you something you do not need. They prey on our consumer instincts that have been brainwashed into us as part of the modern world. Buy this and you will be happy. Get this tattoo and you will be a “real Heathen.” We have been indoctrinated and we have to find a way to say No more!

The population of North America especially has been detached from its roots wherever one’s ancestors came from – even multiple cultures. The idea that we can create a new global culture is absurd and doomed to fail with disastrous consequences. We seek in our Tribe to look at where we came from, and where our faith came from. That is our inspiration.

We suggest that all heathens should read the Poetic and Prose Edda. It is required to join our Tribe. We also suggest you read the Icelandic Sagas, Tacitus, Saxo Grammaticus, and more. That is just the start. Ours is a faith with homework. Take the Havamal into your heart as we do in the Tribe.

Get connected again with nature. Many new heathens focus or worry about having an altar at home. Now, having an altar at home is all good and fine, but get up from your computer one night and go out into nature. Go for a walk by a river, a lake, the sea, into the mountains, the desert, and see and hear the animals there you will find your altar – there you will find our Gods. Just this week, one of our Tribesmen pursuing the path of the Berserkr went on a Utiseta in the dark woods of the Northern US. He was observed by a growling bear and he moved to another spot and was fortunate to avoid any danger. A sign from the Gods – perhaps –a reminder though of our place in nature, in Miðgarðr (Midgard).

More importantly though ignore the Gurus who tell you to walk an individual path. Seek out on your own those who share your views and heathen beliefs. If that is us great if not that is also great – find your Tribe though.

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