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You sons of dogs, of dogs of the breed, O come, come here on flesh to feed!”

What do you know about your ancestors? Where and how did they live? Where did they explore and/or fight, and how and why did they die? Heathens, especially warrior heathens, should know of, and pass on the tales of their ancestors to their children and their children's children. The ancestors' lives hold lessons, good and bad, and can provide comfort and inspiration. Heathens should visit and take their children to their family and ancestral graves and honor them and not erase their memories in a wave of politically correct madness.

Your family has, or had, a "hamingja" - a force and your families feminine guardian who can bring luck. Do not abandon her or she will abandon you. If your hamingja has fled try to gain her back by living your life with honor and distinction, honoring your ancestors, and appealing for her to return.

This Yule season may be a good time to invest in some ancestral research either classical with a professional genealogist, or a service that has ancestral records, and can also test for DNA. Maybe give this as a gift to yourself or a loved one?

And, when you know more, and when the time is right, walk the ground they walked, see the ruins of their homes, scream their war cries whether the Baritus, the Heathen cry "Odin owns you all!" the Rebel Yell, the "Oorah" of the Corps, or war cries of the Highland Clans as my ancestors did as they charged in their shirts across that boggy and bloody moor.

Then kneel before your ancestor’s graves and say thank you in their native tongue. And if you are strong enough, you will sit out "Utiseta" with them. Then, as it was for them, maybe ancestral and blood memories will be revealed. This is our way. This practice was banned specifically by the church in the “Indiculus Superstitionum et Paganiarum” – The Small Index of Superstitions and Paganism of around 800 CE. Banned was “Of sacrilege at the graves of the dead.” This would be Utiseta/sitting out and any type of activity to communicate with ones’ ancestors.

"Chlanna nan con thigibh a so's gheibh sibh feòil!"

“You sons of dogs, of dogs of the breed, O come, come here on flesh to feed!”

War Cry of the Clan Cameron heard on the field at Culloden on16 April 1746.

"Buaidh no bàs!"

"Victory or Death!"

War Cry of the Clan MacDougal also

heard on the field at Culloden.

Hrolfr - Chieftain

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