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According to the Council on Criminal Justice, violent crimes, especially homicides have risen 44% since 2019. Further, per the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer, 51% of all violent crimes take place in residences. The next highest violent crime location is on a highway/alley/street/sidewalk where 19% take place, followed by parking garages/lots at 7% and then of course convenience stores which are at 3%, with the remainder in various locations.

FBI crime data for 2019 shows that in violent crimes “firearms were used in 73.7 percent of the nation’s murders, 36.4 percent of robberies, and 27.6 percent of aggravated assaults.”

There are many contributing reasons for the overall increase in crime, like defunding of the police, weak laws, easy bail, as well as cultural, societal, and gang related reasons. All of these and more psychological reasons contribute to the increase in violent crime. The Pandemic has also played a role. The American Psychological Association, notes the Pandemic has helped create “isolation, changes in our daily lives, job loss, financial hardship and grief over the loss of loved ones.” All that leads to a lot more people showing signs of stress, depression, anxiety, and in some cases, they get argumentative, hostile, and then maybe wacko and dangerous. There are seemingly plenty of politically motivated nut cases with Hello Kitty push knives out there. Rising gas prices, inflation, and dwindling investments, are not helping people’s psychological state of mind either. With crime on the rise, you need to be prepared for various dangerous contingencies that arise in life.

Odin’s Warrior Tribe is a heathen group unlike any other. That is because we are not a group. We are a Tribe – a close-knit family. For us, like our heathen ancestors, ours is a warrior faith – it is a lifestyle – a commitment. A threat against one of us is a threat against all of us - the pack. Our approach to Norse/Germanic heathenry is a faith that integrates everything that we hold dear and all of our military experiences. We are a Tribe of active and veteran military, law enforcement, and first responders. We have been where the rubber meets the road, and we continue to keep our minds and our swords sharp through training.

In today’s world, just like that of our ancestors, you need to have a variety of hard and soft skills to protect yourself, your family, and your Tribe. The Havamal talks about that. You need to be alert and know what to look for. If you detect the signs of potential danger or trouble and can avoid it, then do so. Combat pistol expert Jeff Cooper broke down the states of alertness as white, yellow, orange, and red. If you are in white you are switched off, inattentive, and asking for trouble.

You need to have the common sense to avoid dangerous situations unless you are on a military or law enforcement mission that requires it. You do not know what the other guy has or intends to do. You need to be able to detect if you or your home are being surveilled. When you go into a new place - find the exits. There is a time for keeping your cool and de-escalation, which can be used to calm a situation rather than making it worse. And there is also a time when self-defense, combative, marital arts can come into play instead of deadly force. But, when a threat has a gun or knife out and they are coming at you, then your life is threated, and it is time for action. So, in addition to range time, take some combatives training, take a class on the legal aspects of the use of deadly force, and read a book on how to communicate and deal with difficult people as well. And, always have a pocketknife at a minimum. Even if it is in your checked luggage when you travel. Like the saying goes, "No knife no life."

“They” – big Government and the mainstream media want you to believe that you don’t need to defend yourself, or have the means to do so, and some of “them” want to take the means from you. Do not give them any excuses. Keep your cool until the real threat comes. We all know that the cops won’t be in your bedroom with you when the home invasion takes place, they won’t be in your car on the highway when the road rage guy next to you cuts you off and smashes into your car, they won’t be in the dark parking lot when a stranger approaches with a weapon asking for money or your life, and they won’t be loitering around the convenience store in Chicago or Detroit when you foolishly walk in there at the witching hour and the proverbial $#!^ hits the fan. You need to "Be Prepared." That is when you take immediate action to defend yourself and/or others around you whose lives are threatened. “They” will call you a vigilante. Does not matter whether the threat was shooting people in the mall food court or behind an unlocked door. But we know it is the right thing to do and our Gods and the Tribe will call you a hero.

Being prepared to defend yourself, with, or without, weapons is a part of our Norse/Germanic heathen faith, part of our warrior ethos and warrior lifestyle, and part of our Tribe's code. Do not be a victim. Be a wolf not a sheep. Wolves have a high percentage of successful kills because they pick out the weak prey. The wolf has situational awareness. Studies of wolf behavior show that the wolf does not go looking for trouble around a bear’s den. We, and wolves know, know that a Mama Bear is an extremely dangerous bear. When the wolf pack has a kill and a bear approaches, the pack will back off and not fight over the kill - they will surrender it to the bear. But if a bear comes near the wolf den, where the cubs who are the future of the pack are sleeping or playing, then all the pack will defend the den, and defeat the bear driving it away.

A selection of relevant passages from the Havamal:

“The man who stands at a strange threshold,

Should be cautious before he crosses it,

Glance this way and that:

Who knows beforehand what foes may sit

Awaiting him in the hall.”

“Better gear than good sense

A traveler cannot carry,

Better than riches for a wretched man,

Far from his own home.”

“Better gear than good sense

A traveler cannot carry,

A more tedious burden than too much drink

A traveler cannot carry.”

“Less good than belief would have it

Is mead for the sons of men:

A man knows less the more he drinks,

Becomes a befuddled fool.”

“Early shall he rise who has designs

On another’s land or life:

The prey escapes the sleeping wolf,

The sleeper is seldom victorious.”

“A wayfarer should not walk unarmed,

But have his weapons to hand:

He knows not when he may need a weapon,

Or what menace meet on the road."

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